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Cynthia Dickerson published her first book, Momma Said, "Hit 'Em Back!"

 Thisn urban novel conveys a message of hope and redemption for people experiencing crime, poverty, murder, unforgiveness, unemployment, incarceration, and hopelessness.


Cynthia is also a mental health professional and inspirational speaker. She uses her Christian-based writing to help positively transform people's thinking, with a focus on young people. Her work is intended to help lead those who are struggling to better life choices through the word of God.


Cynthia Dickerson Productions is available for speaking and group session.

A graduate of the University of Memphis, Cynthia is married to Milton Dickerson. She anticipates the release of more books soon.


Changing Lives With a Christian Novel

Cynthia Dickerson is dedicated to helping people make positive life changes and choices based on the words of God.

God's Way To a Better Life


Cynthia Dickerson Productions,

Momma Said, "Hit 'Em Back!" is an urban novel about life's struggles and the consequences of the choices we make


Cynthia Dickerson Productions shares the word of God and welcomes all to a new, meaningful life through Christ.

Inspirational Fiction
Renew Your Life With Christ


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Cynthia Amis Dickerson